Alex Steger

Editor at Citywire USA

Alex Steger is editor of Citywire USA. He joined Citywire in 2010 as a reporter and prior to moving to New York he edited the company’s flagship weekly advisor title and a monthly magazine focused on income investing. Outside of work he enjoys tennis and travelling.

Rick Rieder: tech has changed the game

Alex Steger

Rick Rieder isn’t worried about the economy – he knows technology is causing a shift but not instability. BlackRock’s global fixed income CIO tells Alex Steger about his new buy in Russia and how the era of the internet is yet to come.

How Franklin's flagship fund bounced back

Alex Steger

Templeton Global Bond has made a dramatic recovery due in part to its heavy backing of LatAm and a bet against US treasuries. Manager Sonal Desai tells Alex Steger what’s cooking in the fund’s future.

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