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Citywire provides news, information and insight for professional advisers and investors around the world.

We publish our own news, analysis and unique portfolio manager performance information that helps professional investors such as financial advisors, wealth managers and gatekeepers make the best decisions about where to place their clients' money.

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For international fund selectors

Financial markets are more global than ever and fund selectors around the world are looking far and wide to get the best returns for investors. From Asian high yield to US absolute return, the Citywire Selector team has it covered.

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For Asia Private Bankers

In the world's fastest growing economic bloc, Citywire Asia helps private wealth professionals keep up to date with news and analysis about investment opportunities and changes within their industry.

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For professional investment managers

Wealth Manager readers earn their living by choosing investments for, among others, private clients and financial advisers. We help them by analysing investment trends and what the markets are signalling for asset allocation strategies.

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Citywire has been around since 1999. We now have more than 200 people with offices in London, New York, Munich, Milan and Singapore. We caught up with some of them on and off duty.

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